ShotSpotter IPO

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June 1, 2017 by tradersnote

If you consider the attachment of many Americans to firearms, a right guaranteed to them under the Second Amendment and the sometimes unfortunate consequences of the resulting prevalence of weapons of all types in the USA then it will not come as surprise to learn that there is demand in many law enforcement circles for technology that makes it possible to detect and locate the source of gunshots. Of course, the problem is far from being a purely American one; indeed all countries are plagued by gun violence to a greater or lesser degree and law enforcement agencies all over the world will be interested in acquiring high-tech ways to detect gunfire and to pinpoint its application. With this large and ready-made market in mind, you will have no difficulty in appreciating why the forthcoming ShotSpotter IPO has caused interest in the financial markets. It came as little surprise also to learn that the company had filed an S-1 Registration and announced it5s intention to raise a sizeable sum in its Initial Public Offering. In fact, the Shotspotter IPO hopes to raise US$ 35 million. Although valuation and price details were not available when this article was compiled, the state of the markets in combination with Shotspotter’s strong performance and perhaps most importantly its position as not just a market-leader but in fact a market-dominator made it seem likely that the IPO’s objectives would be fulfilled. Certainly, it was widely considered to be one of the IPOs to watch in 2017.

Certainly, by 2017 the company was the leading provider of this type of technology for law enforcement agencies in the USA. The technology, on which a Shotspotter IPO would ultimately depend for its success or failure, has a twenty-year history and was developed originally from seismic triangulation systems created by the Stanford Research Institute. It might seem unusual that technology devised originally to help map and measure earthquakes and other seismic events should also be useful in tracing such comparatively small-scale events as gunshots, but it has proved to be merely a matter of sensitivity. After all disturbances of the air are all similar in nature and the principles behind the use of triangulation to determine a location have been well known for a long time. Shotspotter has developed these technologies to the degree where they enjoy a very definite position of market superiority, as mentioned previously. A Shotspotter IPO would benefit from this, along with expanding markets; as we noted above, gun violence are sadly commonplace throughout the world, and it seems unlikely that any improvement is on the cards, at in the foreseeable future.  Shotspotter’s products are in demand from law enforcement and government agencies around the world and the company is hoping to reach this new market via a subscription based service.  You should note also that Shotspotter had, at the time when the S-1 Registration was filed; the company had already raised US$ 70 million from private investors. Shotspotter certainly looked to be an attractive prospect for a micro-cap IPO.

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